The Wisconsin Domes


Site: Johnson Creek High School
Location: Jefferson County, Wisconsin, USA
Area: 190,000 sqft.
Date: May 2020
Status: Thesis Idea, New York School of Interior Design
Type: Medium Security
Age Group: 25 years and above​​​​​​​
Sentence: Maximum of 15 years
Softwares: AutoCAD, Sketchup, Revit, Vray, Enscape, Photoshop
A medium-security correctional facility for males that implements a new system of incarceration by promoting rehabilitation through education and skill-building. Rather than regarding prisons simply as a means of punishment that might ensure ex-convicts have no future, this new system ensures the creation of new productive members of society. Introducing skylights & interior windows allow natural light into the space, and the use of sustainable materials & layers of color add character to the interiors. The overall design is meant to influence the inmates’ behavior, which is a crucial factor in facilitating rehabilitation.


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